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Our goal at Mountainside Stables (MSS) is to provide our students and campers with a strong foundation in horsemanship skills that the rider can use for a lifetime. Over the past 30 years we have established a reputation of excellence and expertise in our field.

At MSS, we believe that riding and horsemanship are an art form – as technical and disciplined as music or dance. Horsemanship is a physically and mentally demanding sport that requires patience, strength, commitment, and discipline. Riding and horsemanship also require a deep compassion for horses as living entities. Balancing the abilities and sensitivities of the horse and rider is a priority at MSS. By keeping student and summer camp attendance numbers low, we are able to know our students on a personal level and help them achieve their personal best and attain their riding goals. Our participant numbers are lower than industry average for safety reasons and to allow us to personalize every student’s experience. It is our expectation that our students will enjoy each other, enjoy our horses, instructors, and most of all, have a wonderful riding experience.

Joanne Gelinas,
MSS Owner & Director

A horse lover since the age of three, Joanne Gelinas of Goffstown, NH has managed horse camp for children since 1975. She was an active member of 4-H from the age of eight to 19. Her first experience was in the Hoofbeats 4-H club, and she has been the volunteer leader since 1978!

Joanne is a graduate of Meredith Manor, Waverly, West Virginia and earned Riding Master, Riding Instructor, and Camp Instructor certifications. Joanne is a championship horsewoman and has excelled in the show ring, as well as in her own leadership roles.

Joanne is married to husband Mick, and now he owns his own piper plane and enjoys flying when he has the chance. Retired now he is enjoying hiking and doing jobs around the house and stable. In his spare time he helps the boys with their new adventure of being a homeowners. Mountainside Stables has a new addition, Sophie a black lab, she came to us on December 19th, 2015. Jeff is now living in the Portsmouth area of NH. He is an owner of a condo and loves living in that area with lots to do.

Justin and Ellen live in Medfield, MA. They are proud owners of a cape and have shaped it up really cute. Justin is still working as a home energy auditor. Ellen is doing very well teaching P. E.; She is a basketball coach during the winter months. Justin and Ellen are proud parents of a new son Andrew Robert, born January 18th, 2015. They also love their cat Teddy. Justin and all his friends are still very close and do many activities together.

In 1986 Jo Gelinas began working at the NMS in Goffstown NH and after 24 wonderful years they closed their doors in 2010. Jo is now working at the Goffstown High School as a Para Professional enjoying it very much. She started in the fall of 2010. Jo is also the Goffstown High School Equestrian Advisor. This is a great opportunity to bring my Equine knowledge to the High School. It is a great opportunity for Equestrians to show off their horse talent on a high school team. She is also working in a program bringing students to the stable to work on their life skills.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

If I could…

I would teach a child to be positive,

To smile, to love and be loved.

I would teach each child to take time to observe

some miracle of nature… the song of a bird,

the beauty of a snowflake, the orange glow

of a winter sunset.

I would teach each child to feel warmly about the

peers for whom the task of learning does not come easily.

I would teach each child to be kind to all living creatures,

And to crowd out of their lives feeling of guilt,

Misunderstanding, and lack of compassion.

I would teach each child that it is okay to show

Their feelings by laughing, crying, or touching

Someone they care about.

Every day I would have each child feel special and,

Through my actions, each one would know

How much I really care.

-Rogene Penny



"To teach is to touch a life forever."

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